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Sheep Shepherd Dog
A book by Chris Farnsworth
Sheep Shepherd Dog
A book by Chris Farnsworth
Sheep Shepherd Dog
A book by Chris Farnsworth

Sheep Shepherd Dog - Building a Magnificent Team Around You

A book by Head Shepherd and co-founder Chris Farnsworth

In life, are you the sheep, shepherd or dog?

It’s been flattering to be asked to speak at many business events and many people suggested that I write a book based on the material I share from the front of the room.

So what can a shepherd teach you about building a magnificent team around you?

I guess I’m not your ‘average’ shepherd since I supplemented my farming income, since the devastating effect of Foot and Mouth Disease on my business, with direct selling, business mentoring and coaching.

This book explores the three characters in its title: sheep, shepherd and dog in a literal and metaphorical sense. From my somewhat unusual skill-set of shepherd and facilitator at Raising the Baa I have made my farming stories relevant to the business world.

Sheep may be seen as your customers, the dog your colleagues or other associates and the shepherd is usually perceived as the leader.

“Sheep, Shepherd, Dog is a good read for anyone running a team or managing a group of people. It provides a lovely slant on common team building problems from the point of view of a team comprising some Sheep, a Shepherd and a Dog. This, in itself, sets it apart from more traditional team building books, and makes for a more interesting read. I would recommend the book not only for managers, but for those within the team or anyone running a business, as there are many anecdotes and nuggets of valuable experience that Chris shares.”

– Amazon Review

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Build a magnificent team around you

The book will enable you to build and lead a team from a fresh perspective. It will make you think. It encourages curiosity. It should also raise a smile occasionally. Buy it now, learn and enjoy!

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