6120 Sheep Herded!

3315 Sheep Herded!

Takes All Sorts
Together, everyone can win.
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Takes All Sorts
Together, everyone can win.
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Takes All Sorts
Together, everyone can win.
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Build the best team in your field...

Re-energise your team. Lure them away from all devices, get outdoors and challenge them to herd sheep.  Yes, real sheep.

It will not fail to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Most importantly, the tasks test essential soft skills and leadership abilities.

“A great insight into understanding how a team interacts together…. Learnings I am still utilising years later.”
Finance Director Insurance & Financial Services, RAC 

Facilitated by trained coaches and professional shepherds, Raising the Baa helps you look after your team’s wellbeing whilst investing in their development in a sustainable way.

Hybrid working patterns mean social connections are breaking down, so why not gather your team somewhere out of the ordinary and give them a truly memorable experience to share

Watch how we do it

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What are ewe looking for?

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Fun is guaranteed, but the focus is up to ewe

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Playful learning

Across the country

A team building awayday revitalises your people and helps them discover their strengths through teamwork, strategy and play.

Learning from mistakes is important but learning from sheep is faster – and more fun!

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Purely play

Wiltshire, Bristol and Bath region only

It’s not horseplay, it’s sheep play – and it’s like nothing else you’ve experienced.

Leave your screens behind and have fun with your team. Get to know them better and see them in a different light!

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Who knew that sheep herding could help
bring out the best in a team?

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How some of our lovely clients review us

We’re naturally grateful to each and every one of our clients for investing in their team building activity with Raising the Baa. A special shout out to those whose voices and footage who appear on our latest showreel – Apetito, IKEA, the FOOD warehouse, Bristol Airport, Waitrose and NFU Mutual.

Sheep, shepherd or dog - which one are ewe?

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Take part in our personality test and find out

8. Shearing time has come and you need to get the job done today, but some of the team have not turned up. Would you:


Insights come in all sheeps and sizes you know.

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Our coaches (and our shepherd) are full of insights into the corporate and business world, as well as life on the farm. 

There are many more teamwork parallels than you might think!

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Written mainly by our Head Shepherd Chris and on occasions by Top Dog Caroline, our articles always draw parallels between farming and business worlds.

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Tune in to SheepDip for conversations about team building and team development – with an inevitable shepherding viewpoint.

Available on all major podcast platforms.  

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Naturally we have our very own EweTube channel! 

Hear many of our lovely clients’ reflections on their own team building experience of Raising the Baa as well as musings from Head Shepherd Chris live from the farm. 

Head out into the field

Your team is worth the investment. Challenge them to a spot of sheep-herding and see how it draws them together.

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Companies which have earned their shepherd’s crooks

We are very proud to have helped some of the UK’s biggest companies with our unusual but highly effective teambuilding days, here’s a few brands you may recognise:

Smile and enjoy the experience. Discover things and skills you never knew you had!

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