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Ewe ask, we answer
Ewe ask, we answer
Ewe ask, we answer

Frequently Asked Questions



How many people can participate?

We work with multiple teams of 10 to 16 people, depending on location and programme.

Some of our clients with larger teams of people have organised with us a full day’s agenda where the sheepherding event is run in the morning for half the group whilst the other half have an internal meeting/exercise; and then they switch for the afternoon.

Please note that we make a minimum charge for 10 people respectively, regardless of how many participate on the day.


Will it be suitable for our teams, as we have a range of fitness abilities?

Whilst the perception is that you will be running around all the time, this isn’t true!

Some may choose to run a lot out of choice (or unbridled enthusiasm?). 

The activity however is suitable for all fitness levels and we find that most teams incorporate a variety.


What about medical conditions and pregnancy?

We simply ask you to advise any potential impairments in advance of the event, or if necessary on the day, then we will make sure that person/people are included in the right way. 

All-terrain style wheelchair users are welcome, provided we are advised in advance. 

Unfortunately the exercise is not suitable for those who need to be accompanied by a guide or companion dog due to the impact on the sheep’s behaviour. 

We’ve welcomed plenty of pregnant participants – provided we know at the outset, our shepherd can advise the appropriate precautions. 


Format and Outcomes


What actually happens on the day?

After welcome refreshments there’s a video briefing before heading out for some fresh air to meet the sheep. During the exercise there are plenty of opportunities to re-group, discuss, have some water and try again. On completion, we head back to the shelter for a de-briefing, feedback and discussion of takeaway points. Depending on the programme booked, lunch or tea will be included.


Can we set our own business objectives?

Absolutely, yes. Sheep-herding is a totally ewe-nique way of team building which makes it a powerful learning and development opportunity. The reason for investing in your people is key and we love to help achieve our clients’ objectives as closely as possible.  


How can we learn more from what happens on the day?

There are various ways of making sure that the learnings are embedded into the work environment, to help you develop your teamwork further. We can work with you after the event to facilitate this or you can use your video for an internal workshop. We always take photographs and film the activity for as some of our programmes include video as part of the package – or may be requested afterwards.



Can you run a programme close to a location of our choice?

We have a growing network of venue partners throughout England, so there may be some that aren’t even on our website yet. And if we haven’t got a venue that suits your needs, we conduct specific research on your behalf. 


How do we get there?

Given the rural nature of our activity, private transport is usually required so we encourage car sharing where possible. If you gather in one place, such as your office, a hotel or station we can organise transfers by minibus or coach as needed. 

Facilities and Organisation ​


What are our options for meetings and catering?

You can choose to go ultra rustic by using a barn or other outbuilding as meeting space, hay bales for seating and all catering is delivered to the farm. We do always provide toilet facilities.  Or you can choose to be in the vicinity of a comfortable conference centre or hotel environment, one of our venue partners.  Whichever type of venue you choose, we cater for all dietary requirements.   


What will we have to organise in terms of logistics?

Our Flock Support team will help to ensure the smooth planning and running of your event. Once you have decided which of our programmes best suits your team, and have got an agreed date (probably the hardest part!), then we can assist with booking the venue and all logistics associated with the day. We send you joining instructions (written and in video format) well in advance, to advise and guide the team on how to get there and what to wear. And if the activity is being kept secret, the document can be simply adapted so as not to spoil the surprise!

The animals


What about the welfare of the sheep?

There is always at least one professional shepherd present at every programme we operate. We have a network of sheep farmers who we have personally vetted so we know they meet our strict welfare criteria. The activity does not stress or upset the sheep and if the shepherd present is at all concerned the exercise would be stopped immediately.


Where does the sheepdog fit into this?

Some of the sheep are used to being rounded up by a dog, others aren’t. It all depends on the farmer.



What is the best time of year to do this, bearing in mind our unpredictable weather?

Our joining instructions will guide you on the most appropriate clothing and footwear to cater for our weather in each season.

We run our programmes throughout the year, subject to availability of crew and farmland/venue.

During lambing season (March – April) there can be less availability of livestock and shepherds, so it’s worth considering a number of date options during this period.


What happens if the weather turns bad on the day?

Whenever is your business climate perfect? But seriously, we deal with it the best we can. We usually have a few spare coats and boots just in case. Since our launch in 2012, we’ve not had to curtail an event due to weather conditions. Let’s hope we’re not tempting fate by saying this!



How much does a programme cost?

This depends upon the type of programme booked, catering options, meeting and/or accommodation requirements. Cost per head starts at £137.00 + VAT for our entry level LAMB programme.


What are your payment terms and how can we pay?

We ask for a deposit of 50% to secure your chosen date and associated facilities. The balance is due 7 working days before your event date.

Postponement or Cancellation


What is the position if we need to move to another date?

Postponements will be accepted provided they are received in writing no less than one month before the start date of the booked event, and the postponed event must take place within six months of the original booked event date.


What happens if we need to cancel our programme?

This depends upon the timing of the cancellation in relation to the event date, details of which are set out in our Terms & Conditions to be signed upon booking your programme.


Other details


What insurance do you have?

We have public, product and employers liability insurance; public liability is for up to £10,000,000 per incident.


What do you do with my data?

We are GDPR compliant and enquirers who are added to our private database due to legitimate interest can opt out at any time. You are able to state your choice of content too.

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