Where is Raising the Baa | Teambuilding with sheep

Where does Raising the Baa operate?

“Where sheep may safely graze” as Bach so beautifully put it.

We are blessed with an ever-growing community of sheep farmers and smallholders, some of which graze land belonging to stunning rural meeting venues.

So what are your needs?

Whilst the team building with sheep exercise takes place in rolling green fields, you may have other requirements such as meeting space, a meal, overnight accommodation, maybe somewhere to have a party afterwards? 

And if you do want a meeting, do you need all the bells and whistles or will an outbuilding with hay bales as seating suffice? 

By substituting as many elements as possible of your normal working environment, the more disrupting, in a positive manner, your away-day will be.

Take a look at the map below and see which location best suits your needs. 

If the geographic location for you is not on our map, please contact us.  There are often places not yet mapped and if not, we relish a challenge and we’ll find the perfect venue for you.

Find out about our Raising the Baa locations

Ask us about a venue near you


More Sheep Farms Required!

With increasing demand we are on the lookout for additional venues, especially in the home counties. If you have appropriate land for Raising the Baa™ events and are interested in an extra source of income please do get in touch

More Conference Venues Required!

How often are you asked for something completely different for your clients?

Raising the Baa is the world's only supplier of teambuilding with sheep programmes, demand is increasing year on year and we guarantee it is ewe-nique :-)

We enjoy mutually beneficial partnerships with a number of venues and are in need of more! If you have sheep grazing your land or on farmland within a few minutes' drive away from your venue, please do get in touch so we can help increase your corporate business.

A testimonial from one of our partners...

We strive to offer our customers unique and exciting outdoor teambuilding activities and sheep herding definitely hits the bill. It is one of our most popular activities and has brought us business. We want to ensure our customers see a meaningful return on their investment with us. It is important to us that our activity partners have the same values and RTB demonstrate this in spades. They always take time and care to understand what our customer’s objectives are and to make sure they are met on the day.

The Fish Hotel

Subject to availability we are delighted to offer our services to clients of carefully selected partners.

If you represent an event company or venue which is interested in offering Raise the Baa to your clients, please Contact Us