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Talk of the Barn
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.
Talk of the Barn
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.
Talk of the Barn
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.

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“The team took away a wealth of information and knowledge.” – Operations Manager, Apetito


Over the years the media have been fascinated by the concept of corporate team building with sheep as you might imagine!

Raising the Baa has featured on national and regional TV, radio and in newspapers as well as trade publications in the UK and overseas. Our highlight was over 8 minutes of airtime on BBC’s The One Show.
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BBC: The One Show

Suited and booted, 6 former unsuspecting candidates from The Apprentice were invited by BBC’s The One Show to a farm in Wiltshire. They were tasked by “Sir Chris” to work as a team to get the sheep into the pen. Did they achieve the goal or was their strategy just too woolly? And who got fired?

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Our flock of shepherds and coaches are full of insights into the corporate and business world, as well as life on the farm. There are actually a lot of parallels! Stay tuned and learn how to keep your team energised.

Whether you prefer to listen, read or watch, you can discover our alternative perspective on the world of team building and development.

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Written mainly by our Head Shepherd Chris and on occasions by Top Dog Caroline, our articles always draw parallels between farming and business worlds.

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Tune in to SheepDip for conversations about team building and team development – with the inevitable shepherding perspective.

Available on all major podcast platforms.  

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Naturally we have our very own EweTube channel! 

Hear many of our lovely clients’ reflections on their own team building experience with Raising the Baa as well as musings from Head Shepherd Chris live from the farm. 

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Sheep, shepherd or dog - which one are ewe?

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Companies which have earned their shepherd’s crooks

We are very proud to have helped some of the UK’s biggest companies with our unusual but highly effective team building days, here’s a few brands you may recognise:

Smile and enjoy the experience. Discover skills you never knew you and your team had!

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