5030 Sheep Herded!

3315 Sheep Herded!

Austen Lloyd Legal Recruitment

Austen Lloyd Legal Recruitment teambuilding with sheep – did they accept the brief?

Big “thank ewe” to all the team at Austen Lloyd, Legal Recruitment Consultants, for playing full out whilst team building with sheep, despite the pouring rain! Their first office gathering since lockdown and in Operations Manager Ellie Marshall’s words “it’s good because the distancing is there for people who were a bit uncomfortable with Covid” What better place, especially these days, to get to know each other better, than in the outdoors on rural farmland? No screens, nothing virtual, all for real 🙂

Smile and enjoy the experience. Discover skills you never knew you and your team had!

Austen Lloyd Legal Recruitment - sheep-wo

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Austen Lloyd Legal Recruitment - sheep-wo

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