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A day of insights, a lifetime of application.
Talk of the Barn
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.
Talk of the Barn
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.

#44. Engaging your team – the rebellious way

#44. Engaging your team - the rebellious way - Build-It-The-Rebel-Playbook-for-Employee-Engagement-6367-1200×480

After 20+ years in the corporate world, Debra Corey wanted to be creative with her own title – Chief Pay It Forward Officer – of her business DebCoHR.  Guesting on our show is just one of the many ways that Debra shares her extensive skills and knowledge gathered during her career as an award-winning and respected HR leader at such companies as Gap, Merlin Entertainment and most recently Reward Gateway.

Author of 3 books and an in-demand speaker, Debra has a rebellious streak about her which fits our quirky yet professional offering – just take a look at some of her photos and you’ll see she really has fun with her serious specialist subject of employee engagement.

We discuss how organisations have reacted to, and continue to do so, the massive and rapid changes caused by the pandemic. One of Debra’s key philosophies is to step back, take stock and observe other companies’ behaviour, good and bad, before setting out your own strategy.  And first of all, ask WHY?

As a shepherd who was born in London with no farming in his family’s background, Chris talks about how he has always been curious. When he first went into farming, he would ask others why they would do something a certain way, their response being “it’s always been done like that”.  It takes courage to plough a new furrow, to challenge the status quo, and Debra agreed that the first two aspects of being a ‘rebel’ is to ask ‘Why?’ and to be brave.  We always knew Chris was an alternative shepherd – now he’s calling himself a Rebel Shepherd!

In our short conversation, Debra totally lived up to her reputation as “someone who can educate, excite and entertain all at once” and we aim to lure her back to a future show after her next book is published, on the theme of gratitude, something we touch on and which is so easily omitted in the pressured business environment.

If this episode has prompted any questions, please go ahead and ask – either email [email protected] or leave it in your review!

Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

Free resources:

From Debra’s website: E-book on how companies have played out their values during the pandemic; Engagement Bridge model workbook and much, much more – living up to her title of Chief Pay It Forward Officer!

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#44. Engaging your team - the rebellious way - sheep-wo

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#44. Engaging your team - the rebellious way - sheep-wo

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