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Talk of the Barn
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.
Talk of the Barn
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.
Talk of the Barn
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.

#28. Keeping it simple

#28. Keeping it simple - Sheep-Podcast

Executive coach, speaker and author of 5 books, Simon Tyler is our guest in this episode. Local to Raising the Baa, Simon is a humorous and popular keynote speaker at networking meetings – always a bonus when people have risen very early to be present!

His passionate belief in the power of Attitude, creating Impact and above all else to Keep It Simple comes across thoroughly in our conversation.

Simon’s blog ‘Simple Notes‘ has been running consistently for over 4 years which are reflected in his books which offer bite-size tips prompting simple actions. One strategy that we discuss in this podcast is “call in the CIA” – not as scary as you might think! We’ve used the mantra for years and find it wonderfully simple and useful.

In 2020 Simon applied his ‘simple’ thinking to creating an inspiring home office space – needed by more people than ever before. His top tips are available in the Free Resources below.

At the end of each show, we always ask our guest to sum up the most extraordinary team in just 4 words (one for each leg of the sheep or dog). Simon is the first guest to use an ovine acronym!

Enjoy this episode – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

Free resources:

Simple Note – Becoming a Webinarist – Top 7 Impact Enhancers
Ideas download – Top 9 Elements of An Inspiring Home Office

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#28. Keeping it simple - sheep-wo

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#28. Keeping it simple - sheep-wo

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