#45. Creating a workplace where people want to be - Raising The Baa

#45. Creating a workplace where people want to be

#45. Creating a workplace where people want to be

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Dana Vogelmeier delights in helping leaders create workplaces people love.

Having led multiple teams for 25 years in a Fortune 50 organisation, Dana’s experience in creating great work environments has prepared her to help others through her own consultancy Vogelmeier Consulting. She is also heavily in demand as a facilitator, remote and in person again soon, for the Association for Talent Development in the States.

During and post-Covid it is more commonplace for teams to be scattered, with some working in the office and others at home, full-time or part-time. Creating the right ‘atmosphere’ rather than perhaps just a ‘place’ is essential for employee engagement.

Dana’s philosophy is if we’re happy at work we’re happier in all areas of our life. We’re more creative and productive at work and our sense of wellbeing spreads to our family, friends and broader community too.

From lavish treats to simple words of gratitude, rewards and recognition help create a fulfilment at work – whether in the corporate world or on the farm.  A shepherd and his or her dog is the epitome of a happy and superbly functioning team, within which praise, thanking the dog, is an absolute must.

Equally we need to know that it’s OK to make mistakes, to be in a supportive and psychologically safe environment, wherever that may be.  And if the leader can show compassion by being open about their own errors, this goes a long way to building ‘work-life harmony’ as Dana refers to it.  In fact Chris has been known to apologise to his dog for giving the wrong command – being dyslexic he sometimes confuses right and left – luckily the dog usually corrects his errors!

So what four words (one for each leg of the sheep or dog of course) will Dana use to describe the most extraordinary team? We conclude our conversation with this question to each of our guests and as yet no two have been the same.

If this episode has prompted any questions for Dana, Chris or Caroline, please go ahead and ask – either email caroline@raisingthebaa.com or leave it in your review!

Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

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