#37. Mastering leadership (including a canine perspective) - Raising The Baa

#37. Mastering leadership (including a canine perspective)

#37. Mastering leadership (including a canine perspective)

Dog sledding

With a background and passion for outdoors experiential education, the effervescent Iggy Perillo has evolved her business WSL Leadership to specialise in curating and facilitating leadership Masterminds.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Iggy has:

“spent the past 20+ years molding cranky strangers into high-performing teams by building psychological safety so people can get important things done”

Delving into this description Iggy highlights the importance of the permission to ‘fail’ and everyone’s voice being not just heard but listened to. In the shepherding world Chris agrees that it is always the quieter sheep on the periphery of the field or the flock which need checking.

We talk about positive reinforcement as opposed to reprimanding, looking for the good to help the whole team move forward. And this applies to people and dogs as we learn from Iggy’s experience as a trainer of dog sledders and Chris’ nurturing of sheepdogs.

Iggy describes what she sees as the 3 most common challenges facing teams right now (after one year of the pandemic). With teams on the verge of more change, which for most is moving towards a hybrid style of working, ie part-office, part-home, this will suit some more than others and we discuss how leaders might best handle this.

And in her answer to our final question ‘how would you sum up the most extraordinary team in just 4 words’ Iggy is the first to include bravery. Mmm, thought provoking. And this could be the topic of a whole episode!

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Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

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