#34. How HR can be less tactical and more strategic - Raising The Baa

#34. How HR can be less tactical and more strategic

#34. How HR can be less tactical and more strategic

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Today’s guest helps organisations identify the gaps within their HR process where technology can be leveraged, freeing up their time to be less tactical and play a more strategic role.  Kevyn Rustici is a Human Capital Management Consultant working for ADP, which provides award-winning payroll and HR solutions to companies in over 140 countries.

With a degree in biology Kevyn adopts a scientific approach to the world of HR and is (in his words) obsessed by technology and data – and more specifically how it is underused by organisations when making crucial decisions related to talent recruitment and development.

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion”   W Edwards Deming

We discuss how so many companies realised their technological gaps when the pandemic struck, described by Kevyn and one of his clients as

“like steering the Titanic into the Erie Canal”

(or for those not familiar with New York, maybe the Grand Union Canal in UK!).  The pandemic has forced companies to realise their outdated processes and have embraced new technologies – and much faster than they thought possible in so many cases.

On-boarding is in area where the gap was really noticeable, with the whole process having to shift to digital, and Kevyn shares his tips on how companies can address this. And we discuss how an external programme such as sheep herding, once Covid restrictions are lifted, can play a really helpful role in this area.

Are employees so lucky to be working for you or are you so lucky to have employees working for you? – a question Kevyn asks his clients which really makes them think. People before profits is a shift that is starting to make positive progress in the States, with presentee-ism being less of a focus.  Do you feel this is happening in your organisation?

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