Wet Wet Wet - Raising The Baa

Wet Wet Wet

It’s official – the British summer in 2012 has seen the highest rainfall on record! As per the 80s band it’s been wet wet wet. More like winter months with the challenges of getting about with large ruts in the fields made from tractors driving round.

Even in July when I went to the National Sheep Association Sheep Show in Malvern, boy was the show ground wet! The ground was more like a mud bath with the odd bit of green.

Wellies were the order of the day and most people had them on.  Nevertheless I notice that people walked around a puddle. Why?

Now I know a lot of you will be thinking “no I would walk through it”. However when I sat down for a bite to eat and watched the people going past, their subconscious mind steered them around the puddles in the showground.

If the puddle was clear people would walk through it but if it was dirty they would not.

It is just like sheep. They will not go though a puddle unless they have seen another sheep go through just before them. I guess that is why people say sheep follow. Once one sheep has walked that path the rest will follow: “it is easy and if the one in front can do it so can I!”

The dirty puddles of water are the unknown. They might conceal a hole, uneven ground or just a dip in the ground. So it is safer not to go through it but round the edge of it.

The sheep thinks the same way – they would rather walk round the edge than walk through the middle. Getting your feet wet is the start of your clothes getting wet.

So how many puddles will you walk round this week?


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Credit: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash