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How Do You Drive Your Customers?

Drove roads are wide green tracks in the countryside, and have provided the traditional system of moving flocks of sheep around between fields, for centuries.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.52.52 They were a straight forward and direct way from “a to b” – a motorway perhaps, of sorts, for sheep, albeit a rather slow one.

Reaching your clients by a simple stamped letter through the post is a similar parallel. The one dimensional letter reaches its destination, but possibly at the cost of speed and efficiency.

Tractors and trailers now take considerably less time to move sheep around and again, are a straight forward and direct route when carrying the sheep from “a to b”.

This is perhaps akin to communicating with existing clients via Twitter and Blog as more information can be delivered.  The reach is further, if still not optimised, but there is the ability to tailor specific needs on a more bespoke basis with this two dimensional approach.

Are your clients able to navigate your website easily? Are they able to use it efficiently and effectively?  Is your company information and your business model easy for potential clients to understand?  Using the web to reach current clients, and a much wider audience, potentially increasing your client base, is more in keeping with the 500-capacity articulated lorries, as this is both the fastest method of transporting sheep and it can carry considerably more in volume.

Engaging with both existing clients and potential new clients down the most efficient and user-friendly route is essential.

Which method do you engage with your customers, and does it meet their specific needs?

Or are they driven away ….?

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Credit: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash