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Customer testimonial videos

We think it's far better to let our customers explain what they got out of their day than for us to keep finding new ways of telling you! Here are a selection of video testimonials, lots more can be found on our YouTube Channel
What They Say

ARM's story

The global senior management team at UK's largest tech company ARM were challenged to herd sheep, the Raising the Baa way. During the following six months they changed the way they make decisions, having learned lessons from taking their turn as shepherds for the day. Result!

Sheep being quality assessed by Waitrose

Thank ewe to Stephanie Daughters and her team of quality technologists for taking on the challenge of Raising the Baa. Did the leaders at work show up in the field? ....

Bags of fun on the farm for luggage company Trunki

Hats were needed for sun protection rather than the cold winds of Ilkley Moor by the team from children's luggage company Trunki.

Cloth caps were provided by Crew Commander Laura Breen with sunscreen and insect repellent being the only other clues as to what they might be up to.

Hats (or caps) off to Trunki Daddy Rob Law for investing in his crew and treating them all to an afternoon of herding sheep, the Raising the Baa way. And thank ewe to Laura for organising everything and being a top secret agent in the process!

Our clients

We are very proud to have helped some of the UK's biggest companies with our unusual but highly effective teambuilding days, here's a few brands you may recognise: