Tailored Team Building with Sheep | Raising the Baa

How would you like a truly ewe-nique team building activity that is based on centuries-old skills and made totally relevant to your business world by experienced coaches and shepherds?

Raising the Baa challenges your team members to learn and grow by taking them into the adventure zone and challenging them to herd a flock of sheep. Simple! Or is it?

Some benefits of teambuilding with sheep

  • Unearth leadership qualities

  • Increase individuals self confidence

  • Develop interpersonal skills

  • Uplift team spirit and engagement

  • Discover communication styles

  • Determine ideal personality mix

  • Improve inderpersonal understanding

  • Assess reactions to fast change situations

What are ewe looking for?

No two days in our field are the same. Partly because, like people,sheep are all different (yes honestly!) and partly because we understand that your needs are different from those of other organisations.

RAM - modular programme

Sheep-herding with bells on - an awesome combination of business psychology with sheep-herding. A mixture of field and off-field exercises with pre and post-programme personality profiling and analysis.

All the field exercises are filmed from three distinct perspectives. We capture the big picture with our roaming camera. We record the leader’s viewpoint using our ShepherdCam, harnessed to the nominated shepherd. Finally, we catch the sheep’s perspective with our PenCam, attached to the side of the pen at sheep's eye level. The edited footage forms a catalyst for the follow-up virtual DRIVE programme, a series of mini workshops conducted on your virtual conferencing platform of choice.

Progress is measured when the team returns to the farm to herd sheep - with the 'baa' raised!

EWE - The full day programme

Our most popular flagship programme providing around 6 hours of activities.

Delves deep into people’s psyches bringing out all their motives and characteristics. The day allows time for the stories to really develop and for really adventurous experimentation.

Our innovative multi-perspective filming is included and the footage is transformed into an ‘edited highlights’ video after the event.

The half day LAMB programme

Our entry level product lasts approximately 2 ½ hours and is best suited as a team-bonding, hospitality or celebratory event where the bias is more about fun than learning, although lessons are inescapable!

An edited video can be provided as an optional extra for this programme if you so wish

Why the use of sheep?

Responding to change is a challenge common to all aspects of business, but it’s hard to experience for real in the classroom. However, this is replicated absolutely by the use of sheep during our team exercises in the field. Their unpredictability is the KEY differentiator from other team building activities.

The totally different environment can unearth unexpected leaders, highlight gaps in the communication skills and boost confidence levels of quieter team members.

Sheep will not tolerate shirkers! - Total team commitment is fundamental to the success of each exercise!

Contact us to arrange your bespoke teambuilding day

More reasons to try teambuilding with sheep


Sheep are living, breathing animals, yet we don't speak the same language. We learn other ways of communicating for a positive result


Innovative use of cameras and subsequent video edits to illustrate behaviours (and their effects) from different perspectives


Sheep are unpredictable, so we have to react quickly to their behaviour or needs, thus replicating our response to change in the workplace


Creates memorable metaphors illustrating the link between the world of shepherding and the business world

Other applications

Raising the Baa programmes have also been hailed as effective tools for early talent training, personality profiling and an assessment centre. The alien environment often unearths deep-seated potential and skills in team members.

And as a totally alternative topic for a Lunch & Learn (virtual or in-person) session, founder and Head Shepherd Chris Farnsworth can whet your co-workers' appetites as a guest speaker.

Please call 01380 609363 or e-mail us to discuss your requirements

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