#22. Leadership lessons from the North Pole - no skis required - Raising The Baa

#22. Leadership lessons from the North Pole – no skis required

#22. Leadership lessons from the North Pole – no skis required

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Be inspired by lessons in leadership and teamwork from the first British woman to ski to the North Pole – without a snowflake in sight!

With such an accolade that can never be taken away, you can imagine that Sue Stockdale has many tales of teamwork and leadership to share from this experience alone.

Sue’s expeditions on the icecaps of the Arctic and Greenland were springboards for her long and successful entrepreneurial journey. Using her unique combination of knowledge and experience Sue is an inspirational presenter, an executive coach and runs powerful leadership development and peer-group programmes through her organisation Sue Stockdale Ltd.

In her own podcast Access to Inspiration Sue interviews an eclectic and inspirational range of people who may be ‘unalike’ us. Whatever your interest one or more of Sue’s guests will be sure to have an impact on your way of thinking.

Highlights of this episode, all brought to life by Sue’s absorbing anecdotes, include:
– how attention to detail as well as the bigger picture are such key components of collaborative teamwork
– why we shouldn’t be afraid of conflict and how to manage it to best effect
– at least one exquisite tip for managing remote teams

Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

Free resources:
Sample chapter of ‘Risk: All That Matters’ Sue Stockdale and co-author Clive Steeper explore the nature of risk from a variety of perspectives including how risk impacts on business and wider society, as well as how risk is likely to influence global trends in the future.

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Chris Farnsworth – Head Shepherd and Co-Founder, Raising the Baa
Sue Stockdale – Executive Coach, Facilitator, Author, Speaker and Podcaster (and polar adventurer!)