Podcast Episode 13 - Is business psychology all double-Dutch to ewe? - Raising The Baa

Podcast Episode 13 – Is business psychology all double-Dutch to ewe?

Podcast Episode 13 – Is business psychology all double-Dutch to ewe?

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In this second series of SheepDip podcasts we’re in conversation with some of the most inspiring minds in the field of learning and development. We’re asking for their thoughts and tips on growing and developing teams, especially within this volatile and fast moving business world.

Our first guest is business psychologist Jan de Jonge. There may be a plethora of excellent business psychologists though we doubt that many started their career in the police force in Amsterdam!

We trust you find this to be a most arresting (we couldn’t resist) interview. It is conducted by Caroline Palmer, Top Dog at Raising the Baa and Chris Farnsworth, the shepherd behind the accidental business concept of team building with sheep.

Thank ewe for listening 🙂

Jan at People Business Psychology is developing a new short, 5-minute online leadership questionnaire. The digital survey is ideal for individuals and client organisations interested in further developing their leaders. Jan has collaborated with professors at Liverpool John Moores University and Cardiff University to develop this insightful new diagnostic, which quickly captures behaviours and tendencies that are linked to success. The questionnaire will highlight personality traits that are highly effective for people in leadership roles.

Answering the questions will take 5 minutes. You will get interesting (strictly confidential and free-of-charge) personal feedback on how your approach compares with others.

If you want to find out what your approach to effective leadership is, apply here or email jan@peoplebusinesspsychology.com

Connect with the speakers via LinkedIn:
Caroline Palmer – Top Dog and Co-Founder, Raising the Baa
Chris Farnsworth – Head Shepherd and Co-Founder, Raising the Baa
Jan de Jonge – People Business Psychology

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