#48. New work patterns = new internal communications - Raising The Baa

#48. New work patterns = new internal communications

#48. New work patterns = new internal communications

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The 40-hour work week is out, being paid for competing tasks is in.

Other than manufacturing this is the way employers should now be thinking, according to Ben Baker, specialist in employer brand marketing and our guest in this episode.

Whilst it may have been chaotic at first, the pandemic has proven that the traditional working pattern can be disrupted.  And it succeeds if companies have evolved their culture and maintained, or better still, upped their game in employee engagement.

The whole definition of a workplace has changed – the office is ‘old hat’. It could as easily be a kitchen, a summer house or a spare bedroom.  Working from home gives people a taste of autonomy and flexible working which means managers need to find new ways of engaging with their teams.  The leader must seek to understand, as Simon Sinek so eloquently explains in his TED talk ‘Start with Why‘.  Be curious not judgemental.

When big change is afoot, messages can so easily be misinterpreted as they traverse the layers of large organisations especially.

Ben’s business specialises in employer communication and in the last year the internal podcast has taken off as a new way of keeping staff engaged, helping them to feel respected and involved. Now we might be a little biased but we think it’s a great way of communicating!  You’ll learn more about it in this show and via the link in the free resources below.

So what four words (one for each leg of the sheep or dog of course) will Ben use to describe the most extraordinary team? We conclude our conversation with this question to each of our guests and as yet no two have been the same.

If this episode has prompted any questions for Ben, Chris or Caroline, please go ahead and ask – either email caroline@raisingthebaa.com or leave it in your review!

Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

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