#47. A Day in the Life of a Shepherd - June - Raising The Baa

#47. A Day in the Life of a Shepherd – June

#47. A Day in the Life of a Shepherd – June

Welcome to the June episode of A Day in the Life of a Shepherd.

Chris and Caroline are in the farmyard this month, with the sounds of loading hay bales going on in the background.  So we kick off by having a discussion about – well – hay!  Do you know how to tell the difference between hay and straw?

Whilst observing the goings-on in the hay barn, we were leaning on a couple of giant wool sacks which of course led us to converse about wool. What happens to it once shorn, what is it worth (clue: try and name a wealthy shepherd!) and what it might be used for these days.

Next month, July, begins the traditionally quieter time in the shepherding world so it will be our last episode before a Summer break from podcasting.

Got a burning question for the shepherd? Email chris@raisingthebaa.com or message him through our Facebook page and your question could feature in a future episode from the farm!

Enjoy – and thank ewe for tuning in 🙂

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