#42. Why bother? How identifying your team's motivation is critical to success - Raising The Baa

#42. Why bother? How identifying your team’s motivation is critical to success

#42. Why bother? How identifying your team’s motivation is critical to success

CREATE Motivation by Kate Turner book cover

Motivational Leadership was co-founded by our guest Kate Turner over 20 years ago to “shift the paradigm of motivation and leadership in the workplace”  She and her associates strongly believe that motivation is an essential ingredient of performance, yet isn’t well understood, or indeed nurtured, by organisations. And yet It drives employee engagement and enables cultural change.

With her co-founder and other team members, Kate delivers leadership solutions using Motivational Maps to clients such as Novartis Pharmaceuticals, John Lewis Partnership, Alzheimer’s Society and the UK’s leading animal charity RSPCA.

In April 2020, just after the UK’s first national Covid-19 lockdown,  Kate’s book CREATE Motivation was launched. Whilst written and published before the pandemic, she could not have known how prescient and impactful its content would be. The book has become an Amazon best-seller and in this interview we ask Kate what her motivation was to write it.  In the Free Resources section below, Kate shares with you the companion guide to the book which illustrates more fully the ‘What/How/Why Bother’ model which we refer to throughout our interview.

As usual many analogies with sheep, shepherding and dogs are discussed. One somewhat surprising reference is made to how both our sheep-herding exercise and the pandemic are both levellers – everyone needs to be agile and flexible in their response and to value the support and collaboration of the team around us.  And both situations require knowledge of people’s motivation to take action – why bother? – to use Kate’s expression.

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Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

Free resources:

Free companion guide to Kate’s best-selling book CREATE Motivation

Free e-book authored by Kate – Motivation During a Global Pandemic

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