#41. "It's HR - but not as we know it" - Raising The Baa

#41. “It’s HR – but not as we know it”

#41. “It’s HR – but not as we know it”

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It is wholly appropriate for an outdoors team building company podcast guest to have been described as “a breath of fresh air” within her profession!   Michelle Hartley rose through the ranks of HR to Director level at Multivac UK and during the pandemic launched her independent HRD business People Sorted.

Fittingly, her company offering is “it’s HR – but not as we know it”.

We love Michelle’s energy and totally get the fresh air descriptor! And she tells us how it came to be in answering our first question.

It’s so important to see the world from a different perspective which Michelle is realising having moved from employed to self-employed HRD. Having made the switch during such a volatile time has also made her focus on adaptability and flexibility – her own and of those working in corporate teams.

Chris talks about the importance of observing the behaviour of individual sheep (and lambs at the time of recording this show) and what happens when they re-mingle with the flock.  This attention to detail and checking in with co-workers one by one is just the same, agrees Michelle and she talks about the increased conscious effort required when leading a remote team.

Michelle gives her 3 top tips for overcoming challenges faced by teams whilst working from home, whether this is full-time or part-time going forward.  And as usual we finish by asking her to describe, in just 4 words, the most extraordinary team.

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Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

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