#35. Top-flight tips from a pilot for your team - Raising The Baa

#35. Top-flight tips from a pilot for your team

#35. Top-flight tips from a pilot for your team

Just how relevant do you think the skills of an airline pilot might be in business? Today we find out with thanks to our guest Paul Green, former commercial airline pilot who has since launched his organisation The Cockpit Method.

If you’ve ever been an airline passenger you’ll be utterly absorbed by this peek into the life of a pilot. Paul takes us behind the scenes of the cockpit telling many stories from his aviation career.

We hear top tops on communication, empowerment, trust and decision-making, all illustrated by Paul’s flying experiences.  And along the way we make the possibly unlikely parallels between learning to fly and training a sheepdog!

The Cockpit Method includes a programme entitled The Wellbeing Contract which distills the essential elements of the commercial cockpit into long lasting wellbeing support.  He explains the impact that just 7 minutes a day can make to your wellbeing – and your productivity.  The free download below will guide you through the process.

If this episode has prompted any questions, go ahead and ask – either email caroline@raisingthebaa.com or leave it in your review!

Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

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Download Paul’s one-pager: Change Your Wellbeing Mindset in 7 Minutes

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