#33. How it all began - the Raising the Baa story - Raising The Baa

#33. How it all began – the Raising the Baa story

#33. How it all began – the Raising the Baa story

If it’s good enough for the TV world it’s fine by us!

One of our most popular episodes relates to THE most frequently asked question we still receive here at Shepherd’s Hut HQ:

” How on earth did the idea of Raising the Baa come about?”

Usually followed, thankfully, by:

“It’s just so out there , like nothing I’ve heard of before!”

So here it is, a repeat of our Once Upon A Time episode, in which founder and Head Shepherd Chris gives the full low-down.

It feels timely to do this for another reason.

This week Prime Minister Boris has announced the Government’s ‘roadmap’ about the easing of lockdown here. So we finally have a date for re-opening our gates!

We’ve got an exciting new offering suitable for smaller groups , more of which in a future episode…

If this episode has prompted any questions, go ahead and ask! Either email caroline@raisingthebaa.com or leave it in a review note.

Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

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