#32. From Dell and 3M to luxury brands and insurance, adaptability is key - Raising The Baa

#32. From Dell and 3M to luxury brands and insurance, adaptability is key

#32. From Dell and 3M to luxury brands and insurance, adaptability is key

Ian Beer sales effectiveness trainer and saxophonist

Team effectiveness, behavioural preferences and what motivates people to think and act like they do – all topics which fascinate today’s guest interviewee. In his words “it bakes my noodles”!

A determined individual, Ian Beer funded his way by selling cars to attend university as a ‘mature’ student. His subsequent corporate career spanned Total Oil, Dell Technologies and 3M before flying solo as a consultant and trainer working currently in luxury cars and insurance amongst other sectors.

One of 3M’s most famous products Post-it Notes was founded by accident by one of their research scientists (read the full story here if you’re curious). Herding sheep as a team building activity, the springboard to Raising the Baa, also came about by chance (Episode 1 of SheepDip tells all!) from an unplanned conversation between Chris (founder and Head Shepherd) and an acquaintance who had just launched a youth charity. Poles apart in many ways yet neither would have come to fruition if serendipity hadn’t played its part – another theme we discuss with Ian in reference to remote working.

Resilience, reframing, communication, adaptability – all are covered in our conversation, with particular reference to the work/life pattern that the pandemic has provoked.

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Enjoy – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

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