#30. Is 'fun' a prerequisite of your team training - real or virtual? - Raising The Baa

#30. Is ‘fun’ a prerequisite of your team training – real or virtual?

#30. Is ‘fun’ a prerequisite of your team training – real or virtual?

Brad Montgomery being interviewed for SheepDip podcast

An American angle on team culture and engagement this time in our conversation with funny, motivational keynote speaker Brad Montgomery.

Brad helps leaders, managers and their teams improve their bottom line by improving individual and organisational happiness. In fact he has trademarked “Laugh-o-nomics” one of his presentation packages delivered to Microsoft, the CIA and Lockheed to name just a few.

One of only around 180 living inductees of the CPAE Hall of Fame (alongside such luminaries as Zig Ziglar, Ken Blanchard and Jack Canfield), Brad describes the accolade as ” like winning an Oscar or the Indianapolis 500, only without the movie stars or the gas fumes.”

After 25+ years of live speaking Brad has now successfully adapted his offering to the virtual world. In our interview he talks about how he’s taking advantage of remote delivery rather than dwelling on the missing aspects from a live event.

Brad Montgomery and Raising the Baa both have non-traditional approaches to team building with the common denominator of humour. Sheep always bring a smile to people’s faces and we hear a lot of laughter during our events, as does Brad. We discuss how humour can really help connect with an audience – all the more so now that the ‘spectators’ are remote from each other too.

Our conversation culminates in our speculating on the reasons for corporate teams gathering together again, once it’s safe to do so, which may be very different to those prior to 2020.
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