#29. Have you 'herd' the one about cows flying to Africa? - Raising The Baa

#29. Have you ‘herd’ the one about cows flying to Africa?

#29. Have you ‘herd’ the one about cows flying to Africa?

If someone suggested flying cows from the UK to Africa to assist in a time of extreme famine, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was too crazy an idea – and what’s more would it even be possible?

If ever there was a reason to see that thinking outside of the box, or perhaps the field, and to ignore naysayers, the charity Send a Cow is an absolute inspiration.

So we’d like to introduce you to Catherine Harris, Interim Corporate Partnerships Manager at Send a Cow. As a corporate supporter, we at Raising the Baa are forever grateful for Catherine’s help, guidance and gratitude for our partnership.

In this slightly different to usual podcast you will hear about:
– the origins of Send a Cow in the 80s and how it has evolved since
– a little about the incredible work they do in rural communities in Africa
– the ways in which Raising the Baa supports the charity
– how the charity is dealing with the impact of Covid, both in Africa and the UK.

Catherine also tells us about their fabulous virtual activity campaign Relay for Hope . If you, with your team if you like, fancy a virtual tour of Africa from Ethiopia to Zambia, pick up the baton and get registered today! It’s easy to take part and a great way for teams to feel connected whilst they are scattered, away from their communal workplace.

Naturally we also discuss how the Send a Cow team ticks, the challenges they face and how they overcome them.

Enjoy this episode – and thank ewe for listening 🙂

Join in the Relay for Hope in aid of Send a Cow – see you in Rwanda, or Uganda, or will it be Zambia?

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