#25. Launching EWE ROCK! - Raising The Baa

#25. Launching EWE ROCK!

Which company would you like to say “Ewe Rock!” to?

In 2020 there have been so many incredible examples of kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness and innovation, it’s been quite a revelation. In this episode we outline just 3 examples from the UK that have stood out to us.

We wish to play our part and offer what we do best – lure people away from their screens, into the fresh air and have a go at herding sheep.

And you are invited to nominate the team that deserves it. We’re giving away SIX events to take place in England in 2021, when we’ll all be ready for a fresh new year!

To nominate a team, simply take a couple of minutes to complete this form

Closing date for nominations: 18th December 2020.

Free resource:
Sheep, Shepherd or Dog – which one are ewe? Take our personality quiz and find out.

Connect with the speakers via LinkedIn:
Caroline Palmer – Top Dog and Co-Founder, Raising the Baa
Chris Farnsworth – Head Shepherd and Co-Founder, Raising the Baa

* *GATES RE-OPEN 17th MAY 2021! * *


The sheep are champing at the bit to welcome ewe - grab your flock and have some fun with ours!

We are open now for enquiries and would love to hear from ewe - so go on,  get in touch.


Meanwhile keep safe by wearing one (or more!) of our sheepy face masks.

ALL proceeds donated to our charity partner Send a Cow

Credit: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash