3315 Sheep Herded!

Take to the Field
Create a lasting memory building your team to work together in the adventure zone with some pesky sheep.
Take to the Field
Create a lasting memory building your team to work together in the adventure zone with some pesky sheep.
Take to the Field
Create a lasting memory building your team to work together in the adventure zone with some pesky sheep.

The Ewe-niversity of playful learning

“Raising the Baa is about making sure we are all working as a team… not just thinking we are.”
– Head of GI Actuarial, NFU Mutual

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Leadership development with livestock

When it comes to leadership and team development, we are firm believers in the school of sheep. Why?

  • They’re unpredictable like a classroom can never be
  • They bring authentic team dynamics to the surface
  • They create fun, live learning moments

The centuries-old task of herding sheep into a pen might sound simple in principle. But sheep are as changeable as a business quarter, and they move much faster.

As DAS Legal Expenses Insurance discovered, “If you don’t communicate, you don’t have a plan, and you don’t work as a team – you’re never going to get those sheep into the pen.”

Do you act like a sheep, a shepherd or a dog? Take our super quick quiz to find out.

Lightbulb moments for you and your team

Sometimes it takes sheep to lift the wool from your eyes. They create a unique environment that has the power to:

  • Unearth unexpected leaders
  • Highlight communication skill gaps
  • Boost confidence for quieter team members.

Our experienced coaches (and professional shepherds) will be there to guide you, keep the fun high, and help your team to draw actionable insights from the experience.
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Your pick of our programmes

“We did it with no hierarchy in the team, and this helped people identify natural leaders within the group.”
– Finance Director, Innogy Renewables UK (now e.on)

Choose from one of our programmes outlined below and we’ll come to a field which suits you best.

Guaranteed to whisk your team away from their routine of their regular workspace and into the unpredictability of farm life.

If you’re in need of a hotel or conference facilities we can set you up through our venue partners – or we can help you find another suitable location.

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EWE programme

Full day event. Our flagship programme, with around six hours of activities designed to delve into people’s personal psyches and uncover team dynamics.

Stories and experimentation have space to really develop in this time.

We also capture it all on film, providing you with your own highlights reel and perfect catalyst for future learning.

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RAM programme

If success, however you define it, is your key driver this is the programme you need.  

Bespoke, modular multi-day programme.

Sheep herding with bells on: before-and-after field days sandwiched with an in-person or virtual workshop based on footage from your team’s experience. 

Backed up by your choice of business psychology, personality profiling or other analysis.

PRIME LAMB programme

3.5 hours An extended half-day exercise, with more time in the field than the LAMB programme.

This extra breathing room allows more opportunity for fun experimentation, problem-solving and learning.

You’ll also receive a Baa-rometer report on your team’s performance.

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LAMB programme

2.5 hours

Less time for psychology but just as much opportunity for team bonding – and there’s still time for a piece of home-made cake! 

Perfect for a hospitality or celebratory event based more around fun than learning (though of course, some lessons are inescapable!).

We can film and edit a highlight reel as an optional extra.

Weighing up your options?

Compare all of our packages to see which options is the best fit for ewe.

Companies which have earned their shepherd’s crooks

We are very proud to have helped some of the UK’s biggest companies with our unusual but highly effective teambuilding days, here’s a few brands you may recognise:

Smile and enjoy the experience. Discover skills you never knew you and your team had!

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Thinking about a team building event? No, wait, an outstanding team building event?

Grab a copy of our 10-point checklist and make sure the one you choose ticks all your boxes. 

It’s FREE and will be with you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail 🐑

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