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Early Talent with excited creativity?

They will be brimming with ideas to conquer the world! Your newest and most ambitious recruits want to become your future leaders.

They will want to prove that they can engage any level of stakeholder and thrive in challenging situations.

Strong team players who are committed to each task are the name of the game.

Take your trainees into an alien environment, set them a range of tasks involving a flock of tricky sheep and you (and they) will learn so much!

Raising the Baa supports your company’s own professional and personal development programmes in a way that will make your newest recruits become outstanding in their field.

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Personality profiling

Have you ever linked sheep to personality profiling?

No, we didn’t think so

Yet it makes perfect sense when you stop and think about it.

Our Raising the Baa activities involve all the dimensions typically found in a more traditional personality profiling tool including confidence, assertiveness, communication, decision-making, influencing and leadership.

We work with a number of licensed practitioners of a range of profiling tools or you may prefer to integrate your current system.

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Keynote speaker

Chris Farnsworth, our head shepherd is an entertaining, engaging and authoritative professional speaker.

His signature talk “In life, are you the sheep, shepherd or dog?” which looks at team dynamics from the shepherding world is just one of many options related to teambuilding. Why not invite a guest speaker to your next virtual Lunch & Learn session?

Chris’ inspiring book of the same name makes a memorable memento for delegates, reinforcing Chris’ powerful, practical messages.

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Assessment centres

“Great team player” is often cited on candidate CVs. But how to prove it?

The group exercise of sheep-herding only succeeds if everyone plays a role and is fully committed to the task. As the ‘baa’ is raised the programme brings out the true nature of candidates, especially in terms of how they respond to and interact with others under pressure. Decision-making, listening skills and the ability to lead and delegate are all highlighted – and the sheep are the ultimate judge!

Find out how Raising the Baa can help with your recruitment and selection process.

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