What kind of ram are you in business? - Raising The Baa

What kind of ram are you in business?

When walking in the countryside this weekend we passed a field of sheep and soon realised that the farmer was planning for lambing at Christmas, having spotted the eager ram amongst the ewes.

It’s amusing to witness the difference between the approach of a ram in his first season and that of the more experienced ram.

The young inexperienced ram, keen to get on with the job, will spot the ewes and will run up to them as if saying “I’m here!” and will spend the next 20 minutes running from one ewe to the next. All the ewes will do is move away, giving him the run around. Soon he will be exhausted and just wonder what the heck is going on: “surely they want me, I’m young, good-looking and the only ram!!” Check out this young and eager ram…

With the older, more experienced ram it is a very different approach. When he sees the ewes he just stands there, buffs himself up so that he looks his best – and all the ewes come over to check him out. Very quickly he is accepted and becomes ‘acquainted with’ his flock.

Similar behaviour can be spotted sometimes at business networking events. The novice networker arrives at the meeting, sees all those potential customers and eagerly flits from person to person, dishing out his/her business cards. After a few events they are nowhere to be seen, feeling that networking doesn’t work for them since they’ve made no sales.

“What do you mean you’re not interested in what I have to offer?”

The veteran networker knows that business opportunities and alliances will be generated over time, through building relationships and trust with those he/she meets on a regular basis at networking events and other meetings.  Consistent presence plus an expert reputation will attract opportunities without having to chase them in a random manner.

Patience pays off. Fortunately for us we have more than one time in the year when we can attract ‘business’ – unlike the poor ram!


Cancellation Policy Relaxed


In light of the unfortunate coronavirus situation, we have temporarily revised our cancellation policy.


Any programme booked may be postponed with just 48 hours' notice with no charge - we simply ask that it is rescheduled before 31st March 2021.  


So think ahead as Autumn will be even more popular than usual for away-days!


Keep well. See ewe soon


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