Roll over and die. Are sheep so silly? - Raising The Baa

Roll over and die. Are sheep so silly?

Unbelievable as it is yes. They can just do that. It is because they have no choice.

What do I mean? At this time of year before they have been shorn and their wool is wet, a small drip runs down the wool onto the sheep’s back and it irritates.

This is just like having an itch you can not scratch. The sheep rolls over to give it a rub just like a dog but once on their back they can’t get back onto its feet again. So they are stuck.

Looking up to the sky they can not move. They just stay there. The sheep get hot and basically cook, drown in the food coming up from the stomach. Not a great way to go. It can be a short time or sometimes it can be days (just depends on the weather). The sheep need just a small hand to help them back onto their feet again.

Unlike sheep we can get up and move. Sometime I hear people moaning about a situation and don’t do anything about it! However, we are not sheep and we always have a choice and we do not need to ‘roll over and die’ when life becomes difficult.

Sometimes you need to ask for help though, much like the sheep and did you know the funny thing is that if sheep have been on there backs for a little time the brain get confused and even though you turn them back onto their feet they fall over again. All the sheep needs is to be held upright for a little time so that the brain has time to adjust.

Imagine if we, the human species, could adjust that quickly! As the Japanese proverb goes:

 “Fall seven times, stand up eight “

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