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How perfect is your business climate right now?

How perfect is your business climate right now?

If you have made your to do list expecting the weather to be perfect in order to achieve it, and the weather lets you down badly, how much more difficult that list becomes. Self-fulfilling excuses take its place – e.g. should I wait for the rain to stop?  Your once clear target for the day is no longer, and your list remains unfulfilled.Unknown-1

Farming related work is about working with the land and weather rather than against it.  Setting realistic daily goals within those constant constraints is important: shearing sheep is far easier during the summer than during the winter; wearing the right clothing so you’re not wet and miserable to get a job done.  If the weather is extreme, doing work which is less reliant so you can crack on when the weather does get better.  Any one thing you are able to do is a tick on the list and a step closer to your target, even if it’s just removing nettles. (Did you know that if you pick them up from underneath, folding the leaves inward, they don’t sting?). Having more knowledge is always good.

Bad weather isn’t bad, it’s just unwelcome. If you are prepared to work with it, you can still fulfil what you set out to do.  Advance planning to both maintain and grow your business is key.  There is a never a perfect business climate after all, and the right clothing, in this instance, can make the difference. So are ewe prepared  for a baa-d weather day?

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