How many languages do ewe speak? - Raising The Baa

How many languages do ewe speak?

At a business networking meeting the other day we were discussing what sounds are made by animals in other languages. Yes really! What led us to this seemingly childish, though amusing, conversation was my revelation that Raising the Baa was exploring the export market.Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 13.27.29


Whilst the obvious markets might be the English-speaking ones, enquiries have also been received from the likes of Turkey and France. This led us to questioning whether or not people would understand the message behind our name Raising the Baa.  Perhaps they would, or maybe it doesn’t matter, given that we’ve piqued interest in such markets?

The metaphor remains – sheep can be seen as customers, colleagues, shareholders or any stakeholder in the business, regardless of the language.  Our client participants soon discover that they have to learn to interpret the sheep’s “language”, which of course is not comprehensible in the audible sense, but is visible in its bodily behaviour.

How much notice do you take of the total language of those you need to influence, instruct or inspire? Are you really listening and observing all that they are ‘saying’? Learning to adapt to their language greatly helps build rapport, and the desired outcome, for both parties, is likely be reached faster and more effectively.

With our extensive use of virtual, electronic communication, are we optimising our interpretation skills?  Nothing beats eyeball-to-eyeball contact to really have a conversation, in all senses of the word.

Who’s bleating for your attention today?


* *GATES RE-OPEN 17th MAY 2021! * *


The sheep are champing at the bit to welcome ewe - grab your flock and have some fun with ours!

We are open now for enquiries and would love to hear from ewe - so go on,  get in touch.


Meanwhile keep safe by wearing one (or more!) of our sheepy face masks.

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Credit: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash