Learning from your Flock …. - Raising The Baa

Learning from your Flock ….

A flock of sheep range in age and wisdom.  Different groups exhibit different learnt habits in direction correlation to their specific learning experience. The elders might have in depth knowledge about their survival and their surroundings, but may lack the energy and drive of the younger members.

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The younger ones are anxious to learn and open to learning, are fitter and more adventurous.

They learn easily from their elders what to eat, where to eat and how best to go about it. Lambs learn from their mothers; an orphan has a much tougher job so takes longer to flourish and needs more reassurance and encouragement from the rest of the flock in order to do so.
A good shepherd will know his flock by name and habit:  Those who stand out for reasons good or bad; those who have strong characters or wilful ways and those who prove to be individual. This knowledge benefits the shepherd.  Comparable with the 80:20 rule, whether a flock of sheep or your workforce, those who continually strive to improve; those who under achieve or those who turn up late every day, they will stand out. Do you notice where extra help, encouragement and support, is needed?   Do you praise enough where it’s due?

Do you know your workforce well enough to exploit their merits to the advantage of your business?

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