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Do your boundaries hold your business back?

Do your boundaries hold your business back?

Heb sheep in fieldWhen a flock of lowland sheep are put into a new field, their first response is to check their boundary. They take a slow, casual walk around the perimeter avoiding rubbing up against the fencing around the field, and take their time grazing along the way until they are satisfied that they are in a safe place. Similarly in business, until people  have found their feet – for example a person in a new job – they will hold back until they feel secure in their new position, before pushing any boundaries by perhaps offering up suggestions for change or improvement.

Further, if the gate to the field is left open, the sheep won’t rush out through it, as they’ll presume its shut. When they are ready however, and can find a hole in the fence, they will, one by one, go through it to the greener grass on the other side. Once one has gone through and has proved it a safe place to be, so the others will follow although all will return to the safety of their first field should they feel threatened or under duress. Networking in business offers a parallel here, not on a one in/all in way – it’s more to do with a mutual trust within your flock, and your confidence in what the fields beyond offer.

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