Are you watching your flock – really watching? - Raising The Baa

Are you watching your flock – really watching?

Are you watching your flock – really watching?

“While shepherds watch their flocks by night all seated on the ground…” Most of us know the words to this popular Christmas carol.

It is amazing what you can notice if you really do “watch”. The best way of seeing the sheep is be amongst them, walking with them, taking time to stop, ask yourself questions and notice every detail.

During our full-day Raising the Baa programme we use “sheep cam”, a camera mounted on the sheep’s head. Through this we can get an insight into what the sheep finds important in its life. As a shepherd I am amazed how quickly the sheep will make up their mind make judgements and move on, focus on what they want yet still keep aware of what is around them. Image the sheep is a customer whose attention we don’t hold – if we’re not ‘watching’ them they will go elsewhere.

When moving them to new pastures the sheep quickly find the easiest way to the food, the path that will offer the least resistance and get to the number one motivator for the sheep – food. The sheep are not daunted by us and sometime will run right through us if they really want something despite the odds. Any one of our clients knows what this feels like! OK, time to re-group, how could we improve our strategy?

The winter sales will be on soon be upon us and to watch the crowds being pushed around to get what they are focused on reminds me of feeding the sheep.  They get to know what they can do and what will get them the best results. The sheep will devise their own tactics to be at the front and this will develop a true character.

How often do we do that, get totally focused, work out a strategy and not allow ourselves to be denied the result? Are you going looking forward to the January sales?

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