3315 Sheep Herded!

A Field Day
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.
A Field Day
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.
A Field Day
A day of insights, a lifetime of application.


Giving-Tapenesi Uganda

Raising the Baa supports Send a Cow since it is local to us and its roots stem from farming. Their name describes exactly how the charity started over 30 years ago, by a Somerset farmer who air-freighted a herd of cows to Africa!  

The charity’s vision is to see Africa confident and thriving, and supports this by giving communities the hope and means to secure their own futures from the land. 

Send a Cow design African-led solutions driven by the challenges that local communities tell Send a Cow they face, working across six countries in East and Southern Africa, (Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Zambia) to deliver lasting change for some of the poorest and most marginalised rural communities. 

Their approach empowers families with the confidence, skills and self-belief to grow sufficient food and generate income whilst regenerating the natural environment, protecting ecosystems and enhancing biodiversity.

Clean hands, water and sanitation are always important to keep families healthy. Now more than ever.

For every team building with sheep programme delivered Raising the Baa donates enough to help train one family to build a tip tap, take advantage of rainwater harvesting and build a clean latrine. 

  • Tip Taps are ingenious African hand-washers that help a family to wash their hands safely. 
  • By training a family and giving them the materials to harvest rainwater on their own land, crops can be grown successfully no matter when the rainy season comes. 
  • Help equip a family with the knowledge and skills to build a simple yet clean latrine near their home out of local materials. 

Longer term, our legacy goal is to provide training for 150 families in animal management topics, including:

Longer term, our legacy goal is to provide training for 150 families in animal management topics, including: 

  • Improved animal management 
  • Basic animal freedoms 
  • Training on drought resistant and high quality forage 
  • Animal feed preparation and conservation 
  • Community dialogues on importance of dairy for family nutrition 
  • Development of promotional materials for improved animal management practices 
  • All of which will help the families out of poverty, working together within their communities to achieve truly sustainable livelihoods.
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Giving-Bertha Zambia
Giving-Sylvia re latrine Uganda
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All proceeds go to Send a Cow  

As the world unites to fight coronavirus, Send a Cow is working to ensure that the most vulnerable communities in Africa don’t get left behind.


Eco-friendly face mask

Washable, 100% cotton, fabric produced in UK and masks hand-made by a farmer’s wife in Wiltshire.   

Choice of orange or white background. 

Flexible wire when pinched over bridge of nose prevents glasses steaming up 😊 


Re-usable travel mug

British made, with fun photo of what we do!  

Save money and the planet by asking your barista to fill it with your drink of choice. 

Dishwasher-safe (though better to hand wash to avoid deterioration of photo) 

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