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So what’s in store for business in the Year of the Sheep?

So what’s in store for business in the Year of the Sheep?

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Thank ewe to Doris Ingber, US expert in feng shui and 4 Pillars Analysis (a branch of Chinese astrology), for her predictions on what Year of the Sheep will mean for the commercial world.

“Companies and their leaders need to be more nimble, quick and flexible this year,” Ingber says. “This year’s energy supports those who are humanitarian and lead from a team-building orientation.”

Politics will take centre stage, affecting the economy and vice versa. The key to settling conflicts include bi-partisan alliances, global cooperation, and team-building in the workplace.

While some industries may be predisposed to do better than others this year, everything depends on the individuals in the teams that leaders choose, she adds.

Meanwhile, here are Ingber’s tips for creating prosperity in this Year of the Sheep:

* Avoid direct confrontations… compromise and negotiation will achieve more than conflict;

* Home, food, clothing and comfort are a priority… surround yourself with beautiful, quality things, or make sure that what you produce is done with quality materials;

* Create powerful allies and strong connections;

* Master the soft sell technique;

* Be responsible in your decision-making… be the shepherd; and

* Focus on charity and humanitarian acts… the sheep will reward you.

And who are we to argue with that?

So how will you play the role of shepherd in your organisation this year? And how will your sheep feel rewarded?

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