Herding sheep or electing a new leader - is there common ground? - Raising The Baa

Herding sheep or electing a new leader – is there common ground?

Herding sheep or electing a new leader – is there common ground?

Boris or Jeremy – how should the choice be made? Emotionally, logically or purely on appearance?

Will the same mistake be made as when people come team building with sheep?

We’re naturally attracted to enthusiasm and passion but this can cloud our judgement and overlook the quieter people.

When herding sheep, most of our clients are very much in the adventure zone, and let’s face it Brexit is definitely heading into that area. The teams that work well, keep a cool head, collect all the facts, keep logical thought at the forefront of their mind and review all information with the team in a positive manner.


Many ideas, however wild, are passionately debated while not losing sight of the end goal – get the sheep into the pen.  Everybody needs to play full out at all stages of planning and execution whether it is their idea or not.  It is a collective strategy in which everybody has a part to play and egos have to be put to one side.


There are certainly no egos with the sheep. They just want to stay free and away from any danger or traps (people or the pen). Sheep have a willingness just to get on with life the easiest possible way. This means they have few arguments (banging heads together) and they are soon over any disagreements and move on as a group. As humans we find this more difficult.


The sheep’s main aim is about staying safe and feeding.  On the other hand we humans get distracted from logic by passion, enthusiasm and the desire (even if subconsciously) to conform and fall in with the majority.  The more energy that is delivered with the message, the more attractive the outcome appears. Pressure to take action is increased and the fear of losing out becomes higher which clouds are judgement.


When sheep are put under pressure they look out for themselves. Seeing where they can get to freedom the sheep take it. There is no in-fighting, no debating or consensus, if a sheep sees an opportunity they exploit it. At first this might seem like it is not a team player but it is the fact that other sheep will quickly follow getting to their reward.

By thinking as an individual sheep they find the path of least resistance quickly, the group follow and will reform when it is beneficial to become a flock again. There is no spin just opportunities they can take advantage of.

What is needed for us to come together is, show us theinformation, clearly communicated and lead the direction we need to go in. This will inspire us to look for opportunities with no spin or egos to cloud our view.


Perhaps Boris and Jeremy should take a leaf out of the sheep’s book?



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