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Do sheep have the answer to Brexit? 

Do sheep have the answer to Brexit? 

Sheep live most of the time in harmony. There is little argument, with only small jostles between individuals and ultimately they all look out for each other, because numbers give them safety in their seasonally evolving world.

But do they have a clear leader, a PM sheep as it were? 

When our client teams come out to herd the sheep into a pen, Raising the Baa style, they sometimes identify a particular sheep as ‘a ring leader’, assuming “if we get this one sheep in the pen the rest will follow”. 

I am not sure it is that simple. Some sheep are bolder than others. Just like people they see opportunities from where they are in the group. They see the wide open spaces beyond their normal boundaries and decide to make a move to a better place.

In that split second the sheep makes its break for freedom.

When one sheep becomes isolated it instantly becomes vulnerable. Even though the grass is greener and more tasty it can’t fully relax and enjoy it. That one sheep, realising its’ predicament, will do everything to re-join the flock – security being a greater priority than food. 

Now the rest of the sheep have to decide to either follow or stay; to go to the “green and pleasant land” or stay where they are. With sheep there are no arguments or pros and cons.  Gut instinct takes over – they either go or stay – and definitely no ewe-turns!

If the majority of sheep go then the rest will follow because they can’t live with missing out ie FOMO. The power and security is with the majority.

So for the sheep it is simple: all in or all out.  No sitting on the fence.

As humans, we all know that whatever happens we will be safe as long we are not isolated – the lone sheep. Sticking together en masse gives us the ability to write our own course.

Do sheep ever make the wrong choices? Of course! After all, they do sometimes go in the pen!

What about ewe?

Is your team all in or all out? Do some members go in one direction whilst others favour another? It’s human nature to have different opinions and ultimately the whole team has to commit to one path or the task will take longer to achieve, or not at all. 

How do you keep everyone on board and on target?

Share your comments below or tweet us @RaisingTheBaa. We look forward to hearing from ewe!

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