Paul Warriner - Raising The Baa

Paul Warriner

Associate - Trainer, Coach and Facilitator

Paul is a coach, trainer, consultant and published author with a wide range of experience as a sheep, shepherd and a dog in finance, legal, manufacturing and transport industries.

Known as The Recognition Coach, over the last decade or so he has drawn on all his experience to coach and train sales teams, management teams, business owners and individuals alike to be their best. “Being the best that you can be is much more than being good at what you do. Being at the top of your game doesn’t always mean you get the rewards and recognition you think you deserve”, says Paul.

Working with Raising the Baa, Paul adds that extra ingredient and value that makes this experience not only memorable but transformational on an on-going basis in the workplace.

By way of relaxation Paul plays and writes music, sings in a band and rides his motorbike.

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