Chris Farnsworth - Raising The Baa

Chris Farnsworth

Head Shepherd and Director

Born and bred in London, Chris decided he wanted to be a farmer from the age of 8. From the peak of his shepherding career, when Chris looked after 6500 sheep with the aid of just two dogs, his business hit rock bottom as a result of Foot and Mouth. With only agricultural business skills, Chris turned his hand to direct selling! By promoting aloe vera products to help animals and their owners with their health, Chris built up an international team of Forever business owners through hard work, mentoring and coaching. Away from sheep, Chris enjoys travel, hiking, a glass of good red wine or 6X beer and creating really useful stuff from recycled materials (you should see his garage!)

Chris' book Sheep, Shepherd, Dog is now available for purchase from Amazon. Find out more at the book's dedicated site