Richard Hill

Deputy Shepherd

From an early age, I always wanted to be a farmer and developed a love of the countryside. From my toy farm (dairy and sheep if you’re asking) to agricultural college it was a given. I am a self-employed farm contractor and carry out all sorts of work from milking to tractor driving and everything in between. My real passion lies with sheep and managing my ever-increasing flock. I sell quality pasture-fed lamb, hogget and mutton direct to private customers and restaurants around the area. In addition to this I attend various farmers’ markets in the area.

I rely on building good relationships with people to be able to graze my sheep and sell my produce. This is key to any business and something that really makes a difference. I love working with people and Raising the Baa gives me the perfect opportunity to bring this together with my livestock skills.

When not farming, I enjoy following cricket and rugby and can sometimes be seen bowling dodgy spin on a village green.  Perfect night is probably a pint or two down the local and a good curry.